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The NDRRMC mobile applications software “BATINGAW” is designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The name “BATINGAW” is a Pilipino word for “siren or alarm”. It is downloadable and free of charge intended for the public and focuses on disaster awareness and management. Read more ›

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Seabees in Full Support on the Philippine Navy’s HADR Efforts

construction of makeshift hospital

One of the Seabees personnel on actual construction of makeshift hospital.

Over the years, the Naval Combat Engineering Brigade known as the “Seabees” has proven its worth and capability in the conduct of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response operations and engineering construction projects. Being the Philippine Navy’s Engineering Arm , this unit is mandated to respond in disasters involving earthquakes, landslides, floods and volcanic eruptions.

In fact, when 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the entire province of Bohol which then flattened  majority of the historical structures, houses and buildings last October 2013, the Seabees was once again in the forefront and among the first to respond to conduct rehabilitation operation to the  earthquake hit local community in support to Task Force “Tulong Visayas”. The unit dispatched a construction team composed of 15 man team, 1 officer and 14 enlisted personnel to provide immediate actions on rehabilitation as part of PN efforts on HADR operations. Read more ›

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Civilian Affairs Corner (CY2013)

Per OJ1/OTAG Letter Directive Nr 06, Reference:

A. CSC MC Nr 19, s-2000, Subject: Revised Dress Code Prescribed for all Government Officials and Employees in the Workplace.

B. Letter Order Nr 540, this Headquarters dated 12 July 2010, Subject: Detail Order of the AFP Civilian Personnel Uniform Committee. Read more ›

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Standing Straight: Leadership in its Sense

A leader is a force of nature. Like John Maxwell said, “a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Leadership is simple the art of being that kind of leader. Practically in everyday life, when you see a group of people passing by, you can easily pinpoint who’s the head of the pack. It seems as if they have hanging signs over their heads screaming that they’re the alpha. If you care to ask why that is, the answer is simple. They stand out and they stand up, figuratively to be precise. Read more ›

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Shebees Ladies Circle Pays Tribute to the Elders

comrel_tahanan_ni_mariaShebees Ladies Circle (SLC) is an all-female organization in Naval Combat Engineering Brigade (NCEBde). It composed of the wives of the Officers and men of Seabees personnel and also enjoined by the female Officers, female Enlisted Personnel and female Civilian Employees. The organization is formed to unit our ladies to develop good relationship between the soldier’s wives and female organic personnel and act as one towards the goals of the organization in which one of the goals is to give assistance to the less fortunate people. Read more ›

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