Batingaw – Tudlo Innovation Solutions Inc.

The NDRRMC mobile applications software “BATINGAW” is designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. The name “BATINGAW” is a Pilipino word for “siren or alarm”. It is downloadable and free of charge intended for the public and focuses on disaster awareness and management.

The objectives are as follows:
1. Provide handy electronic resources to the public that can be utilize in times of emergencies.
2. Increase public awareness on the fundamentals of Disaster Risk Reduction and areas for information-sharing that can be incorporated in actions needed to future emergencies.
3.Use key learning points for preparedness activities such as knowledge for individuals and their respective family members before, during and after disasters.

BATINGAW by Tudlo Innovation Solutions Inc., is available for FREE on Google Pay Store and Apple App Store. DOWNLOAD NOW!

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